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The night falls and... ...

The snowmen lie down to hear their bedtime stories, in preparation for the next dawn... ...

end notes

It's been a while.

I am too lazy to type chunks of messages haha. shall change to twitter to try try see see look look.
高兴是一天, 不高兴也是一天

You make your choice.

I am just a small human being after all.

I only wanted a simple and happy life... ... :(
高兴是一天, 不高兴也是一天

You make your choice.


You know that everything is really over when you saw the update.

cuz there isnt any tears.
no sorrow
no misery
no hard feelings.

Only smiles.
Coupled with my best wishes and blessings.

Jy with the next phase of our lives! :D
高兴是一天, 不高兴也是一天

You make your choice.


...life isnt as straightforward as it seemed to be... ... so many untold truths, so many hidden feelings. Even the happiest guy in the world has his own worries and misery.

If only we can have a bit more trust in others and be transparent will we be able to uncover them. But is there even enough trust in the first place?

Are you really happy when u are smiling?
高兴是一天, 不高兴也是一天

You make your choice.

Meaningful quote

@tag you-know-who-u-are

高兴是一天, 不高兴也是一天

You make your choice.


I saw these meaningful quotes from some website.

... ... thou shall not lie ... ... hahaz.

It would seem.. that everyone around has already reached a different stage in life. Will everyone still remember each other? 5 yrs from now? 10yrs from now? 20yrs from now? Even if you see me down the street in the future, will you even bother to say hi?
... ... :o some food for thot ... ...

lalalalala back to reading!!
高兴是一天, 不高兴也是一天

You make your choice.

Round 1

Having a tough fight w the Z monster now!!! :@
高兴是一天, 不高兴也是一天

You make your choice.


In life there are only that few chances. Treasure them b4 they are gone.

I failed my ippt... becuz i din attend it. God gracious! I din noe there are no ippt scheduled on Mondays and i was banking to clear it today. D: I gave a call to the hotline and how helpful these hotline helpers are! I was told 'nicely' that i will be charged. Now i have to dig out my uniform and wear again T_T I swear i will launch a complaint one day against them. Well other than that, if all goes well, it will only be a fine and i have to attend RT to earn enuf to pay back the fine :@ It sucks when u have to go down camp 2 times per week when u urself know that u r fit enuf to pass the test in the first place.

Life is so packed nowadays. Wake up go intern come back home makan slp. No time for personal entertainment. no time to take afternoon naps. no time to catch up with friends. Weekends are the only alternatives left D: Guess i had a sneak preview of wads to come starting from next year. It suddenly dawned to me why everyone complains work sux. Nvm. Earn more money to save for HDB. but thennn i am earning like $35 per day now zzz. LOL.

To all u reading this post: Take care and drink more water. The weather is getting freaky nowadays. Sometimes hot sometimes cold... ... just like my mood keke.

高兴是一天, 不高兴也是一天

You make your choice.

Treasure Life

Starting from today!! xD
高兴是一天, 不高兴也是一天

You make your choice.

f3 f3 f3

Smiles people :D

高兴是一天, 不高兴也是一天

You make your choice.



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